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 What?! Sonia from Sonic Underground?! Art theft?!

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PostSubject: What?! Sonia from Sonic Underground?! Art theft?!   Wed Mar 10, 2010 10:09 pm


This sure is strange. The person who made the original art doesn't seem to feel happy or angry. The face is an exact copy, whilst the ASR one is wearing a dress.

If you're wondering "WHAT?! Sonia is in ASR?!", then let me tell you:

Its in the Wii/PC versions only. On Roulette Road, on the end area where there is a fork making you go left or right(doesn't matter which path, as there is one on both), there's a face up card showing Sonia as shown in the article above.

What could this mean? Will an original TV Show exclusive character actally be in a game as DLC? This is just too out of the ordinary. We still have to wait till Sumo covers this.

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What?! Sonia from Sonic Underground?! Art theft?!
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